Abstract : Access My PC, as we call it, is a software that allows users to access devices connected to their systems from remote locations.

The process starts when the different users, who need the facility, get registered through our website and download the application program for the said facility.

Once the software is installed on the home pc then the user can access the devices connected to the system from any location using our website through the Internet.

A simple registration form is provided to the user wherein he can enter his name, address, contact number, email id, login id and password.

After filling up the proper information, the user gets successfully registered for the application software.

The user is authenticated for his login name and password, which was provided to him during the registration process.

If the user fails to give his proper login id or password, an error message is displayed to him indicating that the login id does not exist.

The user has the option for downloading the software to the particular system that he is using.
Once the system is installed in that system, say the Home PC, then the devices connected to that system can be accessed easily using our website.
Accessing the various devices connected to the Home PC is the feature that is being implemented in the project.

Every user will have a particular Access code to be entered for getting access to this feature. If the Access code entered is wrong then the user get automatically logged out.

Once the correct Access Code is entered the user can access the device he wants. The user can sign out of the login area any time using this function.

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