Abstract : In a typical campus scenario, the access for a student to details such as his/her internal marks, monthly attendance reports etc. is available only through notice board.

The main aim of our system is to make this information accessible through out the campus LAN.

Here we use a web based system so that the access can be from any system connected to the network irrespective of the OS.

There are different access privileges for students, tutors, HODs etc. The access to different data is based on the user's privilege. New user accounts can be created only by a higher privileged user.

Detailed report of the students and teachers are available to users with enough access rights. There is also an option for students to write feedback on their teachers.

Another feature of the system facilitates the students to keep track of their previous exam's details such as register number through the scratch pad provided by the system.

An online library is provided for uploading and downloading ebooks. The overall system is designed in such a way that the students as well as teachers can keep track of their academic details easily and efficiently.

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