Abstract : The concept of WWW (World Wide Web) can be truly implemented if the Web applications existing are dynamic and able to process online transactions.

In spite of much of the E-commerce web sites existing today there are only little hope for Dynamicity. We have also tried to make it worth for entertainment, messaging &Knowledge.

EcoWorld.com is specially developed to meet the present days essential online needs 'EcoWorld.com' focus mainly on Dynamicity. It is a system for managing needs of internet relying peoples.

A usual E-commerce website only aims at sale of their product but we have tried to meet the varying needs of today.

We have tried to implement this using the latest technologies in Java. For making it online we are trying to make the transactions using the credit cards (Visa and Master card).

To make it a knowledge Repository we have included Forum where the online group can share their knowledge and in formations.

As a part of entertainment we are providing online gaming where the users can have fun with the latest games available in the market.

To make the communication easy between the users EcoWorld has included online chatting and mailing services.

Chatting can be personal as well as in a room where different users exist. Mailing has the option for composing and sending it.

Bidding is another option we are providing where the users can get the desired product at the cheapest and reliable price.

By Resume posting we mean to extend our hands to the job seekers who the job seekers suitable for their need.

We have tried to include the latest features of Java, like jsp, servlets, beans and we have used Apache Tomcat server which support above mentioned features of Java.

The use of latest technologies helped us to make our web application dynamic and user friendly.

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