Abstract : eTRADE is a leading website eTrade is designed to provide a practical guide for small businesses wishing to gain a better understanding of online trading, identify opportunities and consider a range of implementation options.

Implementing online trading strategies has the potential to provide substantial benefits for small business.

While there are many potential benefits of online trading, there are also business issues that should be considered prior to implementing online trading strategies.

e-Trade provides information on the key business issues that should be considered, particularly those related to privacy and security of conducting electronic financial transactions over the internet
With the fast changing trends in the industry, today, the Internet has become one of the most happening places.

Keeping swift pace with this trend, we, at india options.com have not only made our presence felt but well recognized and respect too.

To this end, a dynamic, multipurpose, totally user- friendly web site has been set up for Indians anywhere.

Computers are now influencing every sphere of human activities. Almost every company has entered into the field of computer.

They have computerized most of their departments to aid them in their day-to-day transaction.

Computer systems are not only to imitate manual system but also to blend the capabilities of both humans and computers.
The main advantages of the computerized system are based on the capabilities of computers.

It is difficult to maintain and retrieve the details from the manual book recording, which takes a lot of time and labor, it allows for human errors.

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