Abstract : Network Printer Management System (NPMS) is supposed toautomate the printing and accounting activities of the users logged on to the system.

The users are expected to access the system from anywhere in the campus through the

The Linux server in which the program is running will be having one login named “print” which will be having only restricted functionality.

The users are required to login through the “print” login and needs to login to NPMS using their user id and password which is obtained after remitting a particular amt of money.

For each print
out taken the balance will be deducted.

1.1. Network Printing Environment
The management of producing a printed document, in any computer environment, is a complex subject.

Basically, the task can be divided into two overlapping pieces, the management of printing and the management of the printer.

Printing encompasses the entire process of producing a printed document from generation of the file to be printed, selection of a printer, choosing printing properties, routing, queuing, resource management, scheduling, and final printing including notifying the user.

Most of the printing process is carried out bye the printing protocols used by the OS. So the program needs to concern only the management of the printer.

2.Printer Device Overview

A printer is the physical device that takes media from an input source, produces marks on that media according to some page description or page control language and puts the result in some output destination, possibly with finishing applied.

Printers are complex devices that consume supplies, produce waste and have mechanical problems.

In the management of the physical printing device the description, status and alert information concerning the printer and its various subparts has to be made available to the management application so that it can be reported to the end user, key operators for the replenishment of supplies or the repair or maintenance of the device.

The information needed in the management of the physical printer and the management of a printing job overlap highly and many of the tasks in each management area require the same or similar information.

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