Abstract : A good online dictionary can be fast, efficient, and more current than print editions.

Better still, consulting an online dictionary may be more convenient than unearthing the cumbersome desk dictionary from a growing mound of journals and manuscripts.

Whether print or online, dictionaries are helpful only if they include the words that users are seeking. Unfortunately, many dictionaries available on the Web are not so good.

After selecting 15 uncommon—but not quite obscure—words from various fields of science, editing, publishing, and emerging technologies, we entered them into the search field of each dictionary.

Some online dictionaries like WordNet (Princeton University), the Free Online Dictionary of Computing, and CancerWEB’s Online Medical Dictionary are devoted to single dictionaries and do not provide the variety of additional resources.

But our Online Dictionary providing three types of dictionaries, general English dictionary, Medical dictionary and Computer dictionary.

Along with this we are also providing the feature of spelling check of the word, which will be typed.

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