Abstract : Freight management system is an online system developed for the Voyager Freight Movers Ltd. at TeraBytes Software Solutions.

This system solves almost all the limitations of the conventional system. Both the customer and the company are equally benefited by the proposed system.

The system saves a lot of time and effort for both.

The system comprises of 3 modules They are Administrator, Staff and Customer. Only the administrator has the rights to enter in to all the modules.

He is the only person who has the full control over the system. But others can enter only to their corresponding modules, that is for customer module is for customer and staff for staffs .

Administrator module is the controlling part of the system. Through this module, administrator can alter the system .He can search and edit the data.

Only the administrator can enter in to this module. The staff module is for the staff. Every staff has their own login id and password to enter in to the system.

The staffs of the corresponding checkpoints have to Update the list of items arrived there on the particular day. They can fill the registration details, when the customer came there for booking.

Customer module is for customer's service. He can enter the system through online from any place. He can sign up, if he is going book a cargo online

.He is given a user name and password during registration. He can use this username to enter in to the system.

A booking id is also given to him at the time of registration .He can use this to know the status of the booked item .

The project is developed using ASP.Net as front end and MS SQL Server 2000 as backend.

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