Abstract : Communication is the backbone of any enterprise. Communication, without exchange of data, is unimaginable. In the context of communication between Enterprise level applications, the amount of data would be huge.

So using traditional approaches in Electronic Data Interchange wouldn't suffice.

For our project we have introduced and incorporated the theoretical ideas of Cryptography directly into the sending and receiving of e-mails through our e-mail application. We use RSA Encryption System application.

The challenging task of using RSA Encryption has never been tried before on an email application. It makes use of RSA Cryptographic System along with the required text for the mail from user.

This is a default security system for message sending .To enable cryptographic features into the message text for email application, generation of keys plays a significant role.

The public and private keys should be generated depending upon the user input on the key selected and based on the bit value for which the operations should be performed .

The amount of sophistication involved in sending a secured message is the main feature of this application. This level of security would definitely give the hackers a hard chase even coming close to knowing the message content.

Please find the following attachments"Secure email transaction system seminar report/pdf/ppt download" here......