Introduction : SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard computer language for accessing and manipulating database systems.

SQL statements are used to retrieve and update data in a database. SQL works with database programs like MS Access, DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, etc.

Unfortunately, there are many different versions of the SQL language, but to be in compliance with the ANSI standard, they must support the same major keywords in a similar manner (such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, WHERE, and others).

General SQL Syntax Checker is developed to help people who want to check syntax of SQL statements, pretty print out SQL statements in their own program.

It can also provides more detail information about a SQL statement such as statement types
(Select, insert, update, delete or create and so on), what's table and fields are used in a statement, and different parts of a SQL statement are also available such as where clause, group by clause and having clause and so on...

General SQL Syntax Checker is designed to deal with SQL statement used by different Database Such as Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, Postgres, MySQL and so on.

And we will make it conforms to most of the entry-level SQL92 Standard.

Please find the following attachments"Sql syntax checker seminar report/pdf/ppt download" here........