Abstract : The goal of this application is to develop a web based interface for online retailers. The system would be easy to use and hence make the shopping experience pleasant for the users.

The goals of this application are:-
To develop an easy to use web based interface where users can search for products, view a complete description of the products and order the products.

A search engine that provides an easy and convenient way to search for Products specific to their needs. The search engine would list a set of products based on the search term and the user can further filter the list based on various parameters.

Add To Shopping Cart feature which would allow the users to add a product to or remove a product from the shopping cart by dragging the product in to the shopping cart or out of the shopping cart.

A user can view the complete specification of the product along with various images so they can visualize and compare the products properly.

Please find the following attachments"Online Diamond and jewellery shopping & dynamic designing seminar report/pdf download" here.......