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Thread: How the bluetooth works?

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    Txt 32 How the bluetooth works?

    HOW DOES THE BLUETOTH WORKS?Bluetooth was developed with a purpose of creating a single digital wireless protocol,capable of connecting multiple devicesand getting over the synchronisation issues.It enables short range wireless communication thus replacing wires connecting the electronic devices.Both voice and data transmission are possible,creating wireless PANs. A bluetooth device consists of an adapter.A bluetooth adapter can be built into a device or can be in the formof a card that connects to a device .Instructions are embedded into the device,which enable it to communicate with other devices.When devices come in each otherís radio range,their link managers discover each other.Link management protocol {LMP} engages itself in peer-to-peer message exchange .LMP layer performs link setup and negotiation of packet size.Segmentation and reassembly of packets is done,if needed. Service delivery protocol enables a bluetooth device to join a piconet.A device inquires what services are available with the piconet.Bluetooth Global ID is exchanged between the devices.Their profiles are matched and a connection is setup,and files are start to transmitt.

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    Re: How the bluetooth works?

    good one...

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    Re: How the bluetooth works?

    good reply...........

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    Re: How the bluetooth works?

    Good one sir :-):-)

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    Re: How the bluetooth works?

    It's usefull for basic knowledge..

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