Ever since the Industrial Revolution began some 2 centuries ago,
customers have demanded better, cheaper, faster, more for less, through
greater reliability, maintainability and supportability (RMS). As soon as
people set themselves up in business to provide products for others and
not just for themselves, their customers have always wanted to make sure
they were not being exploited and that they were getting value for money
and products that would be fit for purpose.

Today’s customers are no different. All that has changed is that the
companies have grown bigger, the products have become more
sophisticated, complex and expensive and, the customers have become
more demanding and even less trusting. As in all forms of evolution, the
Red Queen Syndrome (Lewis, C. 1971, Matt, R., 1993) is forever present – in
business, as in all things, you simply have to keep running faster to stand
still. No matter how good you make something, it will never remain good
enough for long.