The friend said she liked @ work coach handbag outletmicroblogging Reds before going to bed one evening, a microblogging said: "Today's desire to recognize the @ jobs this the next day woke up and found the job I She said "good", very happy, a happy calm, followed us back the past, then do not follow. I think of it before a @ fat rabbit porridge porridge microblogging received his comments, or happy, do not calm reply, nor below. . .

In fact, this situation is normal. Faye Wong said that the face of the Philippine fans, "He knows so much, I know nothing about him, what can I say." Yes, it is like.

Just last year to build an independent blog, visitors only my own. Just the girls OurDearAmy I have been concerned about the her name Bo launched a practice essay.So I wanted to give it a try. I was a little selfish, it is hoped Contributors can be selected log out, you can bring some traffic to your own blog. The article finished mail to Amy, did not receive a reply is selected. Had never been seen quite upset, quite calm, a hammer reflection is not written well, no details? Or "misconduct motivation" see through? Later, you do not want this thing. Peace of mind to write your own articles, and honestly operate their own website. Later, this article is one whose mind is editing found, I asked him about to published in the journal. I went with emotion: the intention to do something, there is always brought to light that day. Recently, I found wandering the microblogging OurDearAmy a microblogging Mythical Man Month and Xiao Qiushui two predecessors, have seen them three personal blog and benefit from, so he forwarded a piece of microblogging, said: The personal blog mesotrophic not been to the children's shoes can go to the results of accidents received OurDearAmy replied "Thank you, warm honking.Now I have a very calm, a little waves in the inner, the calm and happy. The future if given the chance, and still hope to interview by Amy.

Also lastcheap designer handbags year, found that has been the maverick cat blog, and OurDearAmy is very hard to make progress girls, also Bo. Some time to read all her stuff, and strong feelings, and gave me a very positive force. So I wrote an e-mail to her, thank her for her article gives me the positive impact. I did not expect, soon received a reply brief words of encouragement. At first there were several brief exchanges, dialogue, I went to verify their own imagination about her, or ask stupid questions, very calm, typical mentality of the fans, think actually quite unobtrusive. Later, she wants to do a open class group, I volunteered to do the administrator. With the cooperation of two people, a very formal way to communicate with the operation of the group, my state of mind very calm and a lot of holding in this sense of balance in the exchange, learned a lot: experience of the media to communicate with her, writing direction control career planning and so on.

Little intersection with these two outstanding girls, I start into a calm state of mind by not calm, a sense of equality wells in the process of exchange, the exchange will also become freely up.

Last year, blogging and management team, and many strangers to the intersection. A lot of people send me e-mail, marketing new or contributing new consulting reporters Yuefang the topic of the open class, there are schools in Hong Kong seeking to ask whether the authorized curriculum to use my mind mapping articles ... a User My reply is received, replied, "just like his idol talk to yourself that feeling of excitement," I am very, very ashamed, but also very, very understanding, because I have experienced exactly the same feeling. Basically, when you are prepared to receive the party's role is relatively calm, the reason is simple: people come to you, no matter to those who take the initiative in their own hands.

Many a time I need to write a message to others about anwholesale coach handbag interview. Fail, such as witch shop owner and stir no reply for interviews. Very pleasant exchanges, such as access VICKY painting hand-painted travel diary and mind mapping iconic experts stroll. When you are in the role of the sender, is easier to not calm, because the initiative in the other side where the other party will not cooperate, your heart is not the end.

Frequently prepared to receive the letter of the day, I realized one thing: between people, in fact, only the distance of an e-mail. So, I do one thing. To before their own written, e-mail but did not interview the person or organization, tell them I write them in a certain magazine articles, if they have the habit of collecting media reports, you can look at the issue of the magazine. I received the reply of all of them expressed gratitude, including GTDLife time management of up Zou Xin. I did not like before and then return back, because I know about time management, I ask not anything like the gentile (very important questions of your questions more often than your answer to better highlight in a field cognitive level).This time, Mayday lyrics to describe a very appropriate: do not bother, my gentle. With this simple exchanges, but I believe that, next time I need to interview him, the success rate must be much higher.

A while back on the microblogging see the name of "Wang Zhaohui PARTY YIN Shan-shan home feel a little familiar. Think carefully, to participate in the camp of the "students" in 2007, he had never been seen in the student magazine, is responsible for outreach, outreach, like Kai-fu Lee Daniel. He became Kai-fu Lee innovation workshops, head of the farm, is also responsible for Foreign Liaison and the work of the press statement. Now resume his microblogging are Rose Luqiu, noisy sort of community leaders, the quality of ultra-high frequency. Come to think of all this are probably from the "Students", constantly dealing with the cattle are accumulated.

Alive today have to admit that social networking is a homework. Before simply inconsistent with the fact that it is very childish behavior. Gu News wrote a "how the interaction with people better than they? , We can one read. In addition, Mr. Yuan social problems after 80 there are many very good insights, his blog can be associated to read through the fill up classes.

Personally think that the treatment of social problems, not the sword easy road. The improvement and cultivation of the self is the fundamental, after all, a lasting and quality relationships are mostly built on both sides of strength on the basis of

And everything to keep pace with its ownjuicy couture handbags personality. I have heard Wang Xue to share her stories of pure, she said, "My life is not the network that is not deliberately build interpersonal networks. As you know, she is also very successful, and when face to face, I felt she was very happy.

I am well aware that, after seeing the cattle, to attend a larger scene, I still would not calm.But never mind, experienced from the "calm" to "calm", and then encountered the "calm", will know this is just to move forward a process. And our knowledge, it is in the calm - calm - do not calm - calm, "the cycle, and gradually develop