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Thread: Some Rules, FAQ, How To's etc etc..

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    Heart 32 Some Rules, FAQ, How To's etc etc..

    Hello Fellow FaaDoO's,

    I wanted to clarify a few things which I believe will be very useful for all of you.

    1) My SMILEY ain't working or showing up !?
    Please make sure you leave a space between the smiley and the previous word. Else it won't work and you will see the raw text output of the smiley.

    2) What's this STICKY Posts and all ?
    Stickies are posts which can be posted only by moderators/admins and they remain on top of the forum. They will only contain important information which is relevant to all users.

    3) What's this BBCode thing ?
    All the text effects like colour, font, quotes etc are included in BBCode. So if you have included those in your message , make sure you DONT DISABLE it during posting. Its just like HTML code, only simpler!

    4) What are Avatars, any relation to the movie!! ?
    The images below the nicknames are avatars. Select yours from the wide collection available or upload your own. You need to log on and then goto Profile. There you will see the option for avatars. And yes, no realtion to James Cameroon's AVATAR!

    5) Any easier way to use the QUOTE function ?
    Sure there is. Select the text to be quoted using your mouse/keyboard and click on the Quote button.

    6) Can I post a poll ?
    Yes, you sure can. Just make sure it is in the interest of all the members and is in the appropriate forum.

    7) Whats this PM ?
    It means -> Personal Message. You can send it to users of this forum. The message is not mailed to the user, but it is stored on the site itself. The receiver has to visit the site to check his/her PM.

    9) I am addicted to this forum. Any recourse ?
    No way. Thou shalt remain enslaved to this place forever. :German:


    1) Anything goes. Its a friendly bunch here.

    2) Don't make personal attacks on anyone. If anybody is offended by any statement here on the forum, made by anybody, you should PM me. The offending topic/post can be edited/deleted.

    3) No SPAMMING the Board Members. Any member reported for spamming will be warned. 2 spam reports and you'll be banned. PM me with the SPAM email for proof.

    4) Don't open multiple threads. You can reply to your original thread and *bump* it up if you feel it is being ignored.

    5) If you are pasting a message, make sure you have the courtesy to remove the >> marks before posting. It just makes it a bit easier on the eyes and doesn't look like SPAM. If you can't make the effort to do it, the mod/admin can delete the thread without warning.

    6) Finally, make sure you post in the appropriate forum. Check the forum for previous messages. You might want to append to the same incase the subject matter is similar.

    Also, learn to use the SEARCH function which comes along with the forum. The search link can be found on the top navigation bar of the forum.

    So that concludes it for this episode . If you wish to see anything more added here, then let me know or reply to this post. Have FUN

    Thanks for your time.

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    Thank You.........

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    Re: Some Rules, FAQ, How To's etc etc..

    wow! You cleared my some important doubts which I wanted to ask.

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    Re: Some Rules, FAQ, How To's etc etc..

    Very Simple rules.. i think only illiterate person will violate it....

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    Re: Some Rules, FAQ, How To's etc etc..

    Please rply ........
    "entry in PSU through gate or not?"

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    Re: Some Rules, FAQ, How To's etc etc..

    Thank you so much...............

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    Re: Some Rules, FAQ, How To's etc etc..

    Please tell me about your doughts??? i think will also clear your doughts............

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