Dear Sir/Madam,
I am very much interested in Computer Science and wish to pursue CS in Engineering. Now, I have given the IIT-JEE and I am expecting a reasonably good rank in it, though insufficient to get me into the CS program in the best 5-6 IITs. Now my point of concern is that, should I instead choose to go for admission into IIIT-Hyd CS which I am quite confident of getting, or opt for other streams in the top IITs? I am willing to forego CS if it so happens that my career wouldn't be as bright if I do not pursue it from the IITs. I have been hearing comparisons of IIIT-Hyd with the IITs as an excellent alternative for CS and that it is on par with them. What do you think of these claims? Are they sufficiently true? I'd be highly indebted to you if you would give me your opinion about it.