B.Tech. Vth Semester Examination(2008)
Principles of Operating System(CSE)
Paper: CS-5001

Note: Attempt five questions in all, selecting one each from Sections A,B,C and D. Section E is compulsory.

1. What are the different types of Operating system?
What are the different characteristics of each of them? [20]

2.What are the major criteria of Scheduling of Process?
How processes are executed in a co-operative mode? [20]

3. What is a Deadlock? How is it detected and prevented? [20]

4. What is an Access matrix for protection? How is it
Implemented? [20]


5. What is Virtual Memory? Why is it required? How
is it implemented in an operating system? [20]

6. What are different Disk Scheduling algorithm? Discus. [20]


7. What is a Process Sync? What are different algorithm for
Process sync? [20]

8. What are different algorithm for space allocation? Discus. [20]


9. Write short answers:

(i) What is Internal fragmentation? [2]

(ii) What is Context switching? [2]

(iii) What is Multitasking ? [2]

(iv) What is Thrashing ? [2]

(v) What is Reentrant code? [2]

(vi) What is Swap space ? [2]

(vii) What is Demand paging ? [2]

(vii) How security threat is monitored ? [2]]

(ix) What is Multithread ? [2]

(x) What is Real-time scheduling. [2]