1. Examination will start at 9.00 am on 17th May, 2012. The duration of Examination will be of 3 hours.

2. The doors of examination hall shall be opened on the examination day at 8.30 a.m.. No candidate shall be admitted to the examination hall after 30 minute of starting the examination.

3. A seat marked with Roll Number, will be allotted to each candidate. The candidate should ensure that he/she has occupied the correct seat only. If any candidate is found to have occupied the seat of another candidate, such candidates shall be removed from the examination and shall have to accept any other penalty imposed upon them.

4. Candidates are required to bring their own BLACK BALL POINT PEN ONLY (NOT GEL PEN) for answering the question paper. They must not bring log tables, calculators, mobiles or any other objectionable materials with them in the examination hall.

5. Candidates should read the instructions carefully given in the question paper booklet. They shall abide by the instructions issued during the examination, by the Invigilators or the Centre Superintendent.

6. The questions in the question paper will be set in English as well as in Hindi.

7. Candidate must ensure that question paper booklet contains all the pages and no question is missing. In case of any discrepancy, he/she must inform to the invigilator within 10 minutes to the commencement of the examination thereafter no second question paper booklet shall be issued to a candidate.

8. Before attempting the answers, the candidate shall fill in all the entries on the outside of the question paper booklet as well as on the Answer Sheet at the place provided for the purpose by BLACK BALL POINT PEN ONLY.

9. The candidate is forbidden to write his/her name or to make such signs as may disclose his/her identity on any part of the answer sheet. Non-compliance of this rule shall be reported to the Coordinator RPET-2012 and shall be punishable as per rules, for adopting unfair means.

10. The candidate should indicate the answer in the cage provided for the purpose in the answer sheet itself (by darkening circle in front of respective question number) otherwise such answer(s) should not be evaluated.

11. Candidate found acting in a manner, which in the opinion of the invigilator, is likely to give unfair advantage to him/her or to another candidate, shall be suspended forthwith from the RPET-2012 examination by the Superintendent. The Invigilator shall immediately submit a report stating full facts of the case to the Superintendent who shall report the matter to the Coordinator, RPET-2012.

12. (i) No candidate shall bring with him/her into examination hall, any objectionable material (i.e. books, notes etc.) for the purpose of being used for answering the question paper. The Invigilator and the Examination Supervisory Staff shall be competent to take search of any candidate to find out whether the candidate possesses any objectionable material. Refusal by the candidate to be searched would raise the presumption that he/she is in possession of objectionable material.

(ii) Any candidate possessing objectionable material, or resisting search by the Invigilator/Examination Supervisory Staff shall be punishable as per rules concerning unfair means.

13. No candidate shall leave his/her seat when the examination is going on, without the permission of the Invigilator / Incharge. He/She shall not leave the examination room finally until he/she has handed over his/her question paper booklet and main and first carbon copy of the answer sheet even though these may be unused. If a candidate wishes to invite the attention of an Invigilator, he/she shall stand up in his/her place.

14. In case the original Admission Card is lost, its duplicate copy may be obtained on request in writing from the Centre Superintendent on payment of a fee of Rs. 25/- and on submitting two copies of passport size photograph similar to that pasted on admission/application form.

15. Do not FOLD/PIN or STAPLE the Answer Sheet.

16. Candidate must keep 6 identical photographs in reserve for the later use if required.

17. Use of whitener on the answer sheet is prohibited as answer sheet will be scanned optically.

18. A chemically treated self-carbon answer sheet in triplicate will be provided to the candidate in examination hall for answering the questions. The candidate shall not do any rough work on the answer sheet. All rough work is to be done in the Test Booklet itself. The candidates are required to submit their answer by darken the circle by BLACK BALL POINT PEN ONLY (NOT GEL PEN) in front of the respective question. Questions not attempted must be left blank ONLY. Answer Sheet will be checked for marking.