The IP University follows the following admission process:

1. Once the results are out, IP University prepares a list of qualified candidates (based on merit, obviously) per programme code, and these lists are displayed on its website (, but you wonít be informed specially, so keep checking the site every once in a while. Basically, if there are say 20 courses, there will be 20 lists. And if youíve applied to 4 courses, make sure to find your name on all 4 of those lists.

2. Next, you need to look out for the "Counselling Schedule" for the 1st Round which will be put on the university's website a few days before it actually begins. You'll be required to be present at a particular venue at a certain time based on your rank. You have to report for the counselling in person and sign the attendance there - Parents/Guardians/Other representatives will not be entertained. If you donít show up or don't sign the attendance, itís as good as saying ĎI donít want admission, count me out."

3.So when youíre seated there on Judgement Day, the IP University will call for the students in the order of their ranks and youíll be called when they reach your rank on their list. Youíll then be offered to choose from the different course-college combinations available at the time (if you have a low rank, few choices would remain open for you since many seats would have already been taken by the higher ranks). Itís a good idea to keep a track of whatís going on; thatíll enable you to make an informed split-second decision.

4. Like weíve mentioned in our List of Documents, you have to keep a Demand Draft ready. After youíve chosen your college, pay up the fee. Donít forget to keep the Admission Slip (which they would give you) safely. Youíll need it soon.

NOTE: Dates of counselling for different courses wonít clash, so you can breathe easy if youíve applied for more than one. But life isnít very fair Ė once you've chosen a course and college in the first round,you canít change it till the second round. That is, if youíve applied for say, BTech and BBA (which for example has its counselling a day after that of BTech), then you wouldnít be eligible for the BBA counselling if youíve already taken admission in some college for BTech.

5. All students are eligible for the second round, regardless of whether theyíve been allotted colleges in the first round or not. Of course, this does not include students who have cancelled their admission after the first round. If you withdraw your admission any time after the first round, remember that you are NOT eligible for the second round. In effect, youíre going to be college-less, at least as far as IPU is concerned.

6. In the second round, the procedure is exactly the same as that in the first, just that there would probably be fewer seats, and far fewer candidates. In the second round, you can change your courses, after submitting a Demand Draft of Rs.5000 for change of course. However, you CANNOT change to a course which falls under another Program Code. Which means that, in the above example, you CANNOT change from BTech to BBA. You can, though, change streams within BTech.

7. If by now, you still haven't been able to get into any college, there's still some hope. If, by chance, the seats for SC/ST/OBC havenít been filled up, they shall be converted to Open seats after the second counselling and will be offered during the Open House Counselling. The Open House round is conducted only if there are vacant seats and un-admitted candidates (obviously). Only students who havenít been allotted anything till this point of time are eligible for the Open House round.

Cancellation of Admission: If you cancel your admission within the stipulated time after the first round, you get a refund of your fee, minus Rs.1000, which are cancellation charges. If you fail to show up within the stipulated time, they wonít entertain you till the second round. Now, if you cancel it after the second round, they forfeit your entire fee. WOW!