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Thread: Dell's mainstream activities for communicating about offbeat events.

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    Dell's mainstream activities for communicating about offbeat events.

    Many organisations are leveraging Social Media to create outreach to the general public for niche events these days. There usually has been a disconnect with the masses at large for such events especially if the events focus on cloud computing and storage servers- Storage Forum India.

    Dell has come out with a new campaign where it is offering to give away its recently released Ultrabook XPS 13 and Smartphone· For everyone who needs to learn new techniques for optimizing their storage
    environment, "Dell Storage Forum" is the place to be. If you have missed out on registering for the event, you can still catch it via LIVE stream of the event here
    s in a contest which users can easily create an account and share its content on various social media handles.

    Besides from using social media in regulars promotion which is being seen as a tidal wave of sorts, many companies are using traditional measure to promote such 'non-mainstream' events.

    Do you think this is an interesting way of approaching event marketing?

    More importantly, would YOU as a regular user would participate?

    Alternatively, they have also provided options to view the live webfeed here:

    Feedback appreciated

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