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Thread: Courses in australia for international students - Courses in Australia

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    Information Courses in australia for international students - Courses in Australia

    Australia is a popular study destination with students from around the world wishing to gain a top-quality education. Each year new students take up courses in Australia and add to the already significant international student body around the country.

    In 2010, 469,619 international students were studying in Australia on a student visa. Of these, there were 227,230 international students enrolled in the higher education sector, which represented a growth of 7.6% from 2009.

    Most of the international students in Australia are studying in the higher education sector, followed by the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector and the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) sector.

    States are they studying in

    New South Wales and Victoria attract by far the biggest numbers of international students. New South Wales registered over 235,000 students hailing from overseas countries in 2009, whilst Victoria has slightly fewer than 200,000 international students. The other states and territories have smaller numbers of international students, and smaller numbers of students overall.
    Countries from where students come to Australia

    The table below shows the international student enrollments for the top five nationalities for 2010, which contributed 55.6% of Australia’s enrolments in all sectors. China was the largest contributor to the higher education sector (35.5%), the schools sector (43.9%) and the ELICOS sector (33.5%), while India was the largest contributor to the VET sector (32.9%). China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia all recorded slight increases in student numbers from the 2009 figures. Significant growth was recorded in student numbers from some countries outside the top five, including Saudi Arabia, France and the Philippines.

    China 126,313 26.9
    India 68,758 14.6
    Republic of Korea 25,909 5.5
    Malaysia 21,451 4.6
    Vietnam 18,920 4.0
    Other 208,268 44.3
    All nationalities 469,619 100

    Field of study are they taking

    In 2010, the field of study with the highest number of enrolments in the higher education sector was management and commerce (51.6%), while in the VET sector management and commerce registered 42.6% of enrolments. The second largest field of study in the VET sector was food, hospitality and personal services, with 25.7% of enrolments.
    The information in this article is sourced from the Australian Government’s Australian Education International 2010 international student enrolments data.

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