A unique opportunity for self-discovery as well as personal, academic and professional growth.

Studying overseas as part of your university or vocational course brings a range of benefits that you will enjoy long after you complete your studies. International study enriches your academic or training experience through exposure to different teaching styles and environments, a diversity of students and new places to live and travel. Not only do you experience other cultures, languages and education systems, your eyes are opened to different ways of thinking. This brings lasting benefits for your personal growth, self-confidence, independence and your tolerance of others and the unfamiliar.

An experience that will open many doors for you.

Thousands of Australians just like you have studied overseas as part of their tertiary education or training. Many of these past students would now be aware how desirable a study overseas experience is to potential employers. Young people who have studied overseas have a great advantage in the workforce. Australian employers, large and small, public or private, trade or profession, are looking for people to join their team who can contribute to their competitiveness in a globally connected world. This is backed up by recent surveys of Australian employers that reported an overseas study experience is becoming more important for organizations, as the skills gained through studying overseas are important building blocks for understanding business protocols in other cultures.