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Thread: EAMCET 2012 Admission Guide - Free Admission Help for EAMCET 2012

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    Favorite 32 EAMCET 2012 Admission Guide - Free Admission Help for EAMCET 2012

    The craze for engineering in India is unmatched. Every year India produces close to one million engineers, and this number is rising by 15% year on year! This maddening rush for the engineering course brings upon a lot of doubts, queries, misinformation, touts and a lot more during the all-important STEP ONE towards a great engineering career - THE ADMISSIONS.

    The problems faced by engineering aspirants -

    Problem 1: I want to get into engineering but I don’t know what it is about, what are the streams that are available, I am completely clueless about my life as of now and was pushed into this by my parents & peers!

    Problem 2: 150 engineering entrance tests every year! So which are the major ones, which should i skip? I am all confused.

    Problem 3: Where are the credible engineering college rankings!!???

    Problem 4: I have prepared hard for the entrance tests but am now clueless on what college to choose, i.e., top branch in lower ranked college or mediocre branch in a top ranked college.

    Problem 5: There is so much information floating around on infinite sources, i am confused, who to trust and who not to!


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    Re: EAMCET 2012 Admission Guide - Free Admission Help for EAMCET 2012

    i am from meh engg and i want job in automobile sector pls help me