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Thread: C# The Complete Refernece - Ebook Download PDF

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    Pdf 32 C# The Complete Refernece - Ebook Download PDF

    Created by Microsoft to support its .NET Framework, C# builds on a rich programming
    heritage. Its chief architect was long-time programming guru Anders Hejlsberg. C# is
    directly descended from two of the world’s most successful computer languages: C and
    C++. From C, it derives its syntax, many of its keywords, and its operators. It builds upon
    and improves the object model defined by C++. C# is also closely related to another very
    successful language: Java.

    Sharing a common ancestry, but differing in many important ways, C# and Java are
    more like cousins. Both support distributed programming and both use intermediate code
    to achieve safety and portability, but the details differ. They both also provide a significant
    amount of runtime error checking, security, and managed execution, but again, the details
    differ. However, unlike Java, C# also gives you access to pointers—a feature supported by
    C++. Thus, C# combines the raw power of C++ with the type safety of Java. Furthermore,
    the trade-offs between power and safety are carefully balanced and are nearly transparent.

    The complete ebook is attached for download..

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