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Thread: Reported Post by pankaj.sah

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    Reported Post by pankaj.sah

    pankaj.sah has reported a post.

    Answer of Q1:- age of Ram's father=49 yrs
    Q2:- combined wt. of packages=3000gms
    Post: F! Contest - Master-Mind of the DAY: Day 8
    Forum: Chit-Chat/Share your interests, hobbies etc/FaaDoO Engineers ke Kisse!!
    Assigned Moderators: [FE].Zatak, faadoo.nitika

    Posted by: Sakshi Dutta
    Original Content:

    No Winner for Master Mind of the Day- DAY 8

    Correct Answer

    A1.) Cannot be determined.......
    A2.) 750 gms

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    Re: Reported Post by pankaj.sah

    The contest is over.