Introduction -

  1. FRL Unit (Filter Regulating and Lubricating Unit):

This is positioned between Air source and the components. This unit plays an important roll in pneumatic systems. The FRL Unit provides compressed clean and oil enriched air at a constant pressure to the system.

  1. 3/2 Pus Button Valve: This component has three air ports and two positions (pressed or released). P is an air inlet port, A is a working port (Out Let Port) and R is an Exhaust Port. The valve is activated by a manual push button and returned by spring force.

  1. Spring Return Cylinder: When pressurized air enters through Port, it pushes the piston out of the cylinder, thereby contracting the spring. When no air pressure is applied, the spring expands, drawing the piston back into the cylinder.

Select the components from component library. Load the single acting cylinder, place at the top of the Screen. Load 3/2 push button valve and place between cylinder and conditioning Unit (FRL). The FRL Unit will be at the bottom by default. Before starting simulation FRL unit parameters (i.e. Pressure and Flow) are to be set by double clicking on it.
Connect the components as per the circuit, as show in Fig.No.1 Click on Simulation icon or from main menu to start simulation and observe the following.

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