The objective of this experiment is to study a 650 nm fiber optic analog link. In this experiment, we will study a relationship between the input signal and the received signal.


  1. Connect the power supply to the board.
  2. Ensure that all switch faults are OFF.
  3. Make the following connections.
    1. Connect the function generator 1 KHz sine wave output to the emitter 1’s input.
    2. Connect the fiber optic cable between the emitter’s output and detector’s input.
    3. Connect detector’s output to the AC amplifier 1’s input.
  4. On the board switch emitter 1’s driver to analog mode.
  5. Switch ON the power.
  6. Observe the input to emitter (tp 5) with output from AC amplifier 1 (tp 28) and note that the two signals are same.

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