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Thread: Article: Innovation and R&D remains the mantra at D.T.U.

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    Article: Research and Development remains DTU mantra

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    The initiatives listed in the article above like - "A CYCLE-OPERATED, eco-friendly washing machine named ‘Dhobi’; a solar- powered passenger car; an underwater vehicle…. Do these ideas appear to be ridiculous? Not if you know the kind of research that the students of Delhi Technological University (DTU) engage in." are highly commendable. It shows the innovative culture that is being supported by DTU and it's teachers. However, it would have been even more commendable if the article had highlighted how many of these innovative ideas have become a commercial success. It is one thing to come out with what lokks like a very innovative idea/product but to make it a commercial success is a different ball game altogether. Kudos, to DTU, it's teachers and students for a great initiative.