I created a password protected WinRAR file months ago to prevent peeping eyes, since I was sharing a computer with others. But unfortunately, I forgot the password now, what can I do to solve this problem? How to remove WinRAR password without damaging the data inside?

If you have learned about rar password recovery, you may know that the only way to recover rar password is to make use of password recovery software. And the key point of password cracking software is the password recovery speed. Thus, all software developers are devoted to CPU and GPU acceleration to make faster speed.

Password Unlocker Studio works hardly and takes the advanced acceleration technology into RAR Password Unlocker. By using advanced search algorithm, multiple-core CPUs and NVIDIA-GPU etc., RAR Password Unlocker recovers RAR passwords set in WinRAR 4.11 and its previous versions more quickly than other similar programs.

How to take advantage of acceleration features in RAR Password Unlocker?

GPU acceleration: During software installation, please install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistributable, then GPU acceleration will be active during software running.

CPU acceleration: The CPU acceleration is enabled by default. You need not to install anything. The more CPU cores you have, the faster speed you will enjoy.

To quicken rar password recovery, besides a fast running speed, a proper attack way is quite important.
How to set a proper attack way?

If you know nothing about the password, such as a rar file protected by others, you have to use the brute force attack. But it will cost a much longer time.

If you can still remember some information on the forgotten password, such as the prefix characters, the suffix characters, and password length, Brute-force with Mask Attack can be the most suitable choice to solve your RAR password forgotten troubles. The more options you set, the earlier you will finish rar password recovery.

If the rar password is set by yourself, and you are the person who has a preference when setting a password, list all the characters you would like to contain in the password, such as your name, nickname, favorite star, birthday, etc. Then, take Dictionary Attack in RAR Password Unlocker. Frankly speaking, this attack way has the highest successful rate.

No matter which rar password cracking software you are using, to quicken Winrar password recovery, you should always check these two points: a fast running speed and a proper attack method.