Computer Science & Engineering 120 Seats
Information Technology 60 Seats
Electronics and Communication 120 Seats
Electrical and Electronics 120 Seats
Mechanical Engineering 120 Seats

Computer Science & Engineering

  • In this high-tech era, computer technology is encapsulating all spheres of human needs and aspirations. The department is headed by Prof. Vijay Shukla, who has vast experience in teaching.
    The institute strives to create a learning environment which is conducive to development of a wholesome personality of students. The main focus is, of course, on imparting technical education and preparing the students methodically and systematically for university examination. The institute encourages and supports implementation of innovative teaching methodologies other than conventional teaching methods by faculty in class rooms, tutorials, and labs. Some of these methods being practiced are:
    1. Making a good student responsible to guide a group of weak students in doing and evaluating assignments under the guidance of faculty.
    2. Involving students in taking classes on selected topics.
    3. Conducting open question and answer session periodically.
    4. Co-opting students to help faculty members in research work.
    5. Co-opting students with faculty members to interact with industry and work on Industrial projects or problems. Laboratories:
    The department has over 640 workstations organized in several air conditioned laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art hardware, wide range of application software, and database severs. The main licensed database servers are Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2000. Besides the APIs of all major programming languages, the laboratories are also equipped with important packages such as Rational Rose of software engineering, computer network simulation, and the complete suite of NET technology. Prominent among the open source packages are Linux and MySQL. Functional computer labs:
    C Programming Lab
    Software Engineering Lab
    Artificial Engineering Lab
    Computer Network Lab
    Digital Image Processing
    Web Technology Lab
    DBMS Lab
    Language Lab
    OOPS Lab
    Operating System Lab
    Algorithms Lab
    Object Oriented Techniques Lab
    Computer Graphics Lab
    Compiler Lab
    Distributed Systems Lab
    Computer Organization Lab

Information Technology

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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