WinRAR is a popular program that allows users to create archives in the format RAR files. These archives have a smaller file size than the original file(s) which makes them ideal for transferring via Email, instant message of small drives such as USB drives. For purpose of security, people can add a password to a WinRAR archive to prevent from unauthorized access to open or modify it. However, you sometimes may forget this password and if that happens, how would you recover WinRAR password? And also there are occasions when you get a very important WinRAR archive from your ex co-worker, you don't realize this archive is password protected until he or she has left your company. If you don't know your ex co-worker's contact number, then what an embarrassment it would be!

Personally I think there are only two feasible ways to recover your lost or forgotten WinRAR password. One is trying your best to recall it and the other is using a RAR password recovery tool.

Recover WinRAR password by recalling it.

If you forgot the password of your WinRAR archive, you might get it back by recalling it. Sometimes we forgot a password just because of an uneasy mood. If we calm down and take a rest or relax, later we might think out the password. So, if you are still facing the WinRAR password forgotten problem, why not take a rest first and rack your brains to remember it later?

Recover WinRAR password with RAR Password Unlocker.

If you forgot the password of your WinRAR file and you failed to recall it, your RAR file isn't still necessarily lost. This is because you can use a program called RAR Password Unlocker to crack the code. Now let's see how this program works on WinRAR password recovery:
(Note: Before recovering WinRAR password, you should first download this RAR Password Unlocker to your computer)

Step1. Import the target RAR file.
After download the tool to your computer, install and launch it quickly. Then in the main interface, click "Open" to upload the locked WinRAR file to the program.

Step2. Choose an attack type to remove RAR password.
On the "Recovery" tab, there are three attack types in our program for you to recover RAR password: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. Choose any one of them and define each attack setting such as the Min/Max Length of the password, if there are length, uppercase, lowercase, symbols, prefix and suffix etc. included in the password and so on.

Step3. Recover WinRAR password.
Now simply click "Start" to begin RAR password recovery. Within seconds or minutes, you will get the exact RAR password displayed in a message box.