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Thread: Troubleshooting Tips of Adobe Flash Player

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    Troubleshooting Tips of Adobe Flash Player

    What does Flash Player work for?
    Many sites these days use Adobe Flash to make its content more vivid. If your system does not install Adobe Flash player or if Flash player fails to run properly, you are not allowed to view flash file, such as online video, music, and animation content.
    Now Adobe Flash Player download is provided for Windows, Max OS and Linux and Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, verify that your computer meets its system requirements, and then take notice to get the right version.
    Note: Flash Player for IE based browser (Internet Explorer) is an ActiveX control, which is not supported in other browsers. Therefore, if you have Firefox browser, install the Flash Player plug-in on your computer.
    How to fix Adobe Flash Player errors?
    Reinstall Adobe Flash player
    The download and installation process is very simple, but some users cannot get it work for a certain reasons. Let’s see how to fix them.
    When a white box is placed there instead of the video or game, you can download Adobe Flash Player latest version, and install it to check if the problem can be solved. But unfortunately, though the most recent and right version of Flash Player is already installed, the error messages still exists.
    For instance:
    "I keep getting a message telling me that I cannot view a video without installing Adobe Flash Player. I've been getting it even after installing the newest Adobe Flash Player."
    Then, it is likely that the register entry of the earlier version remains on the hard drive, you should uninstall Flash Player through Programs and Features in Control Panel, free download software - CCleaner to clean up cluttered entries in computer registry, and then install Flash Player again. Note: All other programs--especially web browsers--need to be closed to ensure a complete reinstallation of Adobe Flash player. The computer may even need to be shut down and restarted in order for all programs (and browsers) to recognize the current version of Flash Player.
    Other solutions
    1. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, disable ActiveX Filtering. Guide: In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Safety. If ActiveX Filtering is selected, clear it.
    2. If you are using Internet Explorer 8, enable Flash Player Add-ons.
    • Select Tools > Manage Add-ons.
    • On the Manage Add-ons screen, on the left pane, under Show, select All add-ons from the drop-down list. All add-ons for Internet Explorer are listed on the right panel.
    • On the right panel, select Shockwave Flash Object, and click Enable button at the bottom. Then, click Close.
    • Restart Internet Explorer 8.
    3. Delete all Flash Player browsing data.
    • Click Start > Control Panel.
    • Click Flash Player.
    • In the Flash Player Setting Manager, click Advanced.
    • Under Browsing Data and Settings, click Delete All button.
    4. If flash still does not work on your web browser, update your web browser to the latest version, or disable all add-ons except Adobe Flash Player to see if it is the add-on that causes the Flash Player running failure.

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    Re: Troubleshooting Tips of Adobe Flash Player

    If you are facing a problem during installing adobe flash player, then you don't need to worry. Some times it's not installed properly in our system due to some technical problem. First of all download latest version of flash player and enable JavaScript in the browsers and then after install. I am surely say that you can easily installed in your system.