About ICACLS 2012 : We are indeed pleasure of conducting 1st national level technical symposium and going to explore one day carnival in our college .The title of symposium is an expression of appreciation for an attractive person, Why it has been created as because there were no resent/up to date terms relating to emotions that the youth had created or invented a thing. ICACLS can be a nice occasion for youngsters from various parts with some knowledge where they can share their thoughts with many expertise’s to entering in a brighter future.

ICACLS 2012 - Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech Fest :

  • Paper Presentation(I-Talk)
  • Web Design(I-Webz)
  • Quiz(I-Twister)
  • Debugging(I-Hunt)
  • Ad-Zap(I-Trick)
To know more details about ICACLS 2012 , please visit the following link: ICACLS 2012