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Thread: Sristi 2k12 - Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College - Jalpaiguri - Techno-Manage

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    Sristi 2k12 - Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College - Jalpaiguri - Techno-Manage

    About Sristi 2k12 : The world is busy welcoming changes, some major, some minor but each one equally exhilarating. Every innovation, every novelty is highly valued in the fast paced world today, originality being the hauler.We here at the Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College (JGEC) proudly affirm to align ourselves with the changing times; and organize Sristi 2k12, The Annual Techno-Management Festival as an exemplar to showcase our presence in the world of technology. This exclusive annual tech fiesta aims at sparking a flash into the torch of innovation and carry it forward igniting the mind of its bearers."Sristi", is a word that brings along many vibrations of the universe. Vibrations that pulsate the mind, nurturing innovation. Vibrations of massive creations. Creations that put down the foundation of advancement and lay the seeds of humanity. In Sristi... conceals the past, the history. In Sristi... germinates and sprouts up the future, the mystery. Handing over the present, the gift. Sristi is the greatest boon bestowed on mankind.Sristi 2k12 calls upon budding engineers, technocrats, innovators and technologists to come and join the brigade of competing young minds.

    Sristi 2k12 :Tech & management Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

    Events :

    • Robotix
    • Programming - coding & debagging management
    • Gaming
    • Junkyard wars
    • Designing
    • Quiz
    To know more details about Sristi 2k12, please visit the following link: Sristi 2k12

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