Which One to Choose – Microsoft Office 2013 or Windows XP/ Vista?
On July 16, 2012, Microsoft released Customer Preview of Office 2013, and confirmed that the new Office 2013 will not support Windows XP and Vista operating system.
The omission of the two operating systems means that more than half of worldwide Windows users will be forced to make choice, whether to be locked out of the upgrade of Microsoft Office, or update to Windows 7/8.
If XP user does not want to upgrade to Windows 7/8, he will not be able to advance beyond Office 2010, and can only use office XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010. And, the perception-plagued Vista will only support two editions – Office 2007 and Office 2010.
Note: If you forgot the password to open office document, you can use Office Password Unlocker to recover office password, supporting MS Office Word/Excel 97-2007, and PPT/Access 2007. And in a near future, it will also be developed for office password recovery on MS Office 2010.Which option you will choose, stay with older versions of Microsoft office and Windows, or upgrade to the new versions of Microsoft office and Windows OS? You may have read many articles about advanced features of Windows 7/8. Here, office 2013 improvements will be introduced.
1. Much-improved interface
Office 2013 improves interface from Office 2010, with the sometimes-distracting 3D look of the Ribbon, and adding swaths of flat color.
2. Full editing of PDF files
Word 2013 opens PDF files, and gives you full editing capabilities. This, by itself, is a reason enough to upgrade.
3. Auto-created bookmarks
When you work with long Word files, it is time-consuming to relocate to the page where you last worked on or viewed. Office 2013 quickens your productivity by auto-creating bookmarks. Save a Word file and then open it, no more scrolling and search — you jump straight at the previous location.
4. In-Office image search
This is another way to speed up your office work. From right within Office, you can use Bing search to find suitable images, and then pop them right into Office document.
5. Excel’s QuickAnalysis tool
This feature helps it easy to figure out the best way to analyze and present data in excel. With Excel’s Quick Analysis tool, just highlight the data, and Excel will offer suggestions on the best way to format it, analyze it, present it, and more.
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