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Thread: XYZ 2012 - St. Andrew’s College - Mumbai - Cult Fest

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    XYZ 2012 - St. Andrew’s College - Mumbai - Cult Fest

    About XYZ 2012 :Throughout the ages, there have been men who have fought for territory, conquered vast lands and travelled, killed, tortured, even gruesomely murdered and emerged victorious. They have spent their lives to honour their ancestors and in pursuit of personal wealth.

    Every day, these men fought, as if it was their last. They swore servitude, justice, stood up against insurgence and strife, and epitomised strength, dominance and fearlessness.

    This year XYZ 2012 (13- 14 September) challenges you to enter THE ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELD, to the sound of bugles, war paint and the thirst to emerge victorious

    XYZ 2012
    :Cult Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Cult fest :

    Cultural Fest
    • Fine Arts
    • Literary
    • Sports
    • Band
    To know more details about XYZ 2012, please visit the following link: XYZ 2012

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