Lose your important data?
Have you ever experienced that, computer suddenly crashed, and cannot boot normally? Your operating system or hard drive may be broken. If you have to reinstall system or change a new hard disk, what a pity that you will lose the installed programs and collected data, such as family photos, favorite videos, pictures, and other crucial information.
How to avoid data loss?
The answer is consistent and regular backup. Though many online data backup services are provided nowadays, they cannot be proven 100% safe, it's also a good idea to have an extra backup drive at your home to double your computer's backup security.
The external hard drive backup can be scheduled and handled automatically by Carbon Copy Cloner Download.
Carbon Copy Cloner
Carbon Copy Cloner is a tool to clone, synchronize, and backup both the operating system and file data. Different from the way to drag and drop the files you want to preserve from your main drive to the external hard drive, Carbon Copy Cloner creates images of your Mac's hard drive contents on a bootable volume.
When disaster occurs, replace the failed hard drive, and simply boot the Mac machine from your backup disk to restore your data and system settings in one easy step.
How to clone your hard drive to an external hard disk?
Carbon Copy Cloner features a new interface to make the cloning and backup procedure more intuitive and more responsive.
1. Download Carbon Copy Cloner on Mac, and Launch it.
2. Choose the volume that you want to clone from the Source Disk, and select the items to be copied below it.
3. Choose a formatted target disk.
4. Click the Clone button.
If you want to update your cloned volume in the future, simply re-run Carbon Copy Cloner with the same settings, and CCC will update the backup disk with only the items that have changed since your last backup.
How to run the backup on a scheduled basis?
To schedule a backup task, first configure CCC as if above three steps. Instead of clicking on the Clone button, click on the "Save task" button.
In the Scheduler window that appears, provide a name for the scheduled task and indicate when you want the task to run. In Carbon Copy Cloner, backup task can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly, and when source and destination is connected. Save the settings.
Note: If source and destination is not available when the backup runs, the task will run immediately when the missing volume is reconnected.
By having a great hard drive backup tool, you can protect your system and files with extra security in case your computer's hard drive crashes or your system is ruined. Why risk losing your important files forever when you can avoid that mess with this free download software?