About Excel 2012 : Excel is the annual techno-managerial festival hosted by Govt. Model Engineering College (MEC), Cochin, in association with IEEE and it personifies the motto INSPIRE.INNOVATE.ENGINEER.It was started way back in 2001 and is now one of the most anticipated techno managerial fest in South India. Promising you 3 days of technology, ideas and nonstop fun, Excel 2012 is bringing together die-hard technology enthusiasts and engineering lovers from colleges across India to innovate, engineer, inspire and be inspired.

Excel 2012
:Tech & management Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :


  • Highlight: IBETO(Innovations for a Better Tomorrow), TEDxMEC, War of the worlds
  • Defuse, Extrinsicity, Robolt, Wave Cloning.
Computer Science:
  • 4*120, #include, hackmaster, lord of the code, /bin/bash

  • Biomedical: Lifeline.

  • Electrical: Extundo Prodigo, Lumiere.

3's Football, Crime Scene Investigation, Fun Zone, Game Zone, General Quiz, Instant Photography, Best Manager, Motor Show, Principia Mathematica, Papyrus of Ani, Short Film, Spider Web, Kryptose, Dalalbull, Letter Combat.

Lectures and Workshops:

  • issue, a plethora of other workshops.
To know more details about Excel 2012, please visit the following link: Excel 2012