About Techniche 2012 : An event is, of course, greater than or equal to the sum of its parts, participants and the people behind the scenes. We at Techniche have carried on the tradition of excellence for fourteen years straight and since it's very modest beginnings, it has carved a niche for itself that sets it apart. To interact with the student population of the country on a much deeper level, we introduced the role of a TECHNICHE REPRESENTATIVE or the 'TechRep'.The 'TechRep' will act as an ambassador for Techniche, in his or her college and will have responsibilities pertaining to Techniche at his/her alma mater.

The TechRep of a college will have a few responsibilities, and we expect them to fulfil the following tasks :
Posters will be sent through courier which are to be put at its correct place like notice boards, etc.
Mail to all college students through their central mailing system.
To post Techniche links on their departmental/college/university groups on facebook and other social networking sites.
To acquire permissions (on our behalf) for a venue to organize a Techniche workshop.

Just like any member of our exclusive team here, we treat our TechRep's with the same respect and trust that a core member enjoys because it takes one to know one. As a gesture of our trust in you we provide you recognition certificates from IIT Guwahati for your contribution towards Techniche, appreciating your branding and publicity strategy. Also the job is not without its perks, which includes goodies, Fee Waivers, etc.

Techniche 2012 : Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

Events :
  • Escalade - national robotics championship,
  • TechScribe - paper presentation contest, Brain Child - B-Plan writing,
  • Product Launch - Product Launch encourages technically sophisticated participants who are prepared to build and design an innovative product with the skills that are essential for meeting the real world challenges to get their products launched and patented.
  • Start-up Showcase,
  • ArchCraft - design competition for the architects,
  • ByteCode, Windows App development
  • Technothlon 2012 - The International School Championship,
  • Guwahati half Marathon,
  • Industrial Conclave.
To know more details about Techniche 2012, please visit the following link: Techniche 2012