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Thread: Transportation engineering notes

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    Rar 32 Transportation engineering notes

    This course aims at providing the student an intoroduction to Transportation Engineering. The course is organised under five modules. These are:
    Introduction to Transporation Systems Engineering
    Transportation Planning
    Geometric Design
    Pavement Design
    Traffic Engineering
    Introduction to Transportation Systems Engineering Objective of this module is to give an overview of the transportaion engineering. The focus will be to present a systems approach where the interaction of humans and the vehicles and their impact on the society and transportation.

    Transportation Planning plays an important role in a region's strategy to improve the performance of the transportation system. Objective of this module is to describe the basic characteristics of transportation planning and of the models used by transportation planners.

    Geometric Design of highways deals with the dimensions and layout visible features such as, alignment, sight distances and intersections. Objective of this module is to describe highway design objectives, constraints and controlling factors, also to describe the criteria, standards and engineering procedures used to design principal elements of the highway alignment, and highway cross sections.

    Pavement Design based on empirical and mechanistic relations between materials, geometry and performance. Objective of this module is to understand the process of collecting information necessary for successful design of flexible and rigid pavements, including traffic data, material properties and other environmental factors.

    Traffic Engineering includes traffic signs, markings, traffic signals, islands etc. Objective of this module is to understand the basic parameter of traffic engineering and the methods to estimate those parameters. It examines ways to promote operational efficiency and safety through the use of traffic control devices.

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    Re: Transportation engineering notes

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