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Thread: Mechanical interview

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    Doc 32 Mechanical interview

    mechanical interview questions

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    Re: Mechanical interview

    Interestingly, i just wrote a blog post about this. I went for an interview at Google a few years ago and got asked some seriously odd questions

    1. A bearing is designated as 6205 , what is it’s bore diameter?
    2. advantages and disadvamtges of using lpg in car?
    3. All Rector or Exchanger have spherical/hemispherical end Why?
    4. Compare Brayton and Otto cycle.
    5. current rating of a 3 phase DG set is 20 Amps, but what will be the per phase current for single phase supply.
    6. Define Overall Heat transfer coefficient.
    7. do any one have an idea,of saipem engineering interviw?
    8. Does Is 2062 Specifies Only Seamless Pipes Or Erw Pipe Is Also Covered Under Is 2062
    9. During Steam Blowing Of Pipe Line, A Bluish Color Conical Pattern Is Observed At The End Of
    103 interview questions and answers ( free pdf download)

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