About Quasar 2012 : "If you can dream it, you can do it". Einstein tore apart space and time, ruptured light rays into quanta, and even slushed matter into energy. On the other hand, the three basic laws that Newton gave during his time besides inventing calculus and his many other feats were enough to get comparable mileage. Therefore,it's not only about how big you make a pre-existing venture but also how differently you do it or better still, do a new thing altogether.

Quasar 2012 - Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

Event :

  • Paper presentation
  • Compat
  • Jantar - mantar
  • Code - on
  • Circuitrado
  • Model - o -monia
  • Poster making
  • Eureka
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