About DRESTEIN '12 : Over the years Saveetha Engineering College has set its goals to develop the quality of Engineers and the Engineering student Community. So a National Level Technical festival was started to unite the Engineering students community, known as DRESTEIN.“DRESTEIN- DReam dESign compeTE and wIN”, these were the four words that had wound the entire college with a single objective of creating a blast of technical fun to quench the unabated thirst for knowledge. The three day event is filled with loads of innovative ideas and numerous opportunities to learn. It is a platform that encourages young- budding engineers to try as many crazy things as they can to create the unseen!

- Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

Event :

  • EVENTS :
  • Code mish mash
  • code xi lab
  • i code
  • Escape
  • Botmageddon
  • Forrar seguidor
  • Robo Rescapy
  • Grime crusader
  • Super 7 Q
  • Wrong Turn
  • .... lots more.!
  • Design Maniacs
  • Hydro Shuttle
  • Flip the Trap..!!
To know more details about DRESTEIN '12, please visit the following link: DRESTEIN '12