PROJECT DEALS WITH bank locker CONTROLLING SYSTEM control system For several years, demonstration 'bank locker of the future' have shown control of bank locker devices by voice. There are some obvious benefits. Voice allows hands-free control. This is vital for people who find keyboards difficult or impossible to use, such system provide high security since we need to tarin the system with the users voice only 'Spoken dialogue technology' takes voice control one step further, allowing a system to interact in a step-by-step fashion with a user, asking questions and responding to the replies. This makes advanced functionality of multiple, complex, networked devices much more accessible, not just to the technically-minded with the patience to wade through manuals. It also allows people to phone up their home and access devices remotely, for example to turn on the heating or air conditioning before returning.
Voice control and spoken dialogue is starting to become commonplace in cars, not just in top-of-range models. So what is the potential in the home, what are the component technologies, and what is needed for it to become equally commonplace?