The main aim of this project is to show how PLC is utilized in Cable Industry to make wires & cables of different sizes & thicknesses. We have divided our project into two parts. In one part we have shown how metal rods are designed from the raw materials like Al, Copper, and Iron etc... In the other part we have shown how from those metal rods we have designed the main aim of our project- the wires of various sizes. In between these two parts there are various small parts which are required in this project. This project is fully operated & controlled by PLC. This project uses six PLC programs that are simulated successfully & can be tried in a real plant. CONCLUSION PLC based wire drawing process is a real life project. After completion of this project we have seen some disadvantages as well as advantages. The disadvantages are:- The initial cost of the implementation of this project is high. This is a big factor to implement this project in reality. The advantages are:- This is a completely automated program based logical process & hence no manual working is needed. If this project is implemented, then it will take much less time rather than manual working process. In India, there are very industries have adopted PLC based (partly automated) manufacturing of wires & cables. Since all of the processes are controlled & operated through PLC, the chances of error in the operation are less. Also there are certain areas which have scope for improvement like:- In wagon control part, there is a small stage where some sort of manual working is needed. This area of our project may be further improved which will make the project more efficient. The security system of this project may be further improved.