About Kaleidoscope 2012 : The song says, “Kaleidoscope since 1985”. We’ve been around for twenty- seven years, and the talent, the chaos, the sheer joy if it just keeps growing. Kaleidoscope is among the biggest inter- collegiate festivals in the city of Mumbai. It’s also one of the most loved. You’d realize why, if you peek behind the scenes and notice the months of ideation, of chaotic planning, of sheer hard work and utter dedication that goes into it. The campus- particularly the Den, our place of respite, of inspiration, the nerve- centre and the, well, Den- becomes an out- and- out madhouse during the months .

Kaleidoscope 2012
: Cult Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Cult fest :

Event Categories :

  • Literary Arts Events
  • Bring out the poet, author and dramatist in you...it’s time to wow the world with your literary gems!
  • Perfoming Arts Events
  • Love the stage? Indulge yourself with short sketches, music competitions and
  • improvisations - behold, a star is born!
  • Fine Arts Events
  • Love colors, graphics and lines? Bring your paints, creativity and aesthetic sense to Kscope pronto!
  • Informals
  • Exhibit that zany sense of humour and have them rolling in the aisles. Spontaneous, witty, on the ball - is that you?!
  • Workshops
  • Know how it’s really done with workshops conducted by bonafide experts. Cooking, adventure sports, music, dance - learn to do it all!
  • Crossovers
  • Extremely versatile? These events will test you on multiple skills so get set for some stimulating sessions of Crossovers!

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