About Vaibhava 2012 : VAIBHAVA 2012 is the eleventh annual state students' convention of ISTE Kerala Section held in lush green campus of GEC, Thrissur. Vaibhava envisions being one of the largest events of its kind, a technical programme which involves the participation of over 103 Engineering Colleges and 67 polytechnic Colleges, more than 3000 students from all over the state, finest technocrats the state has to offer. Come rub your shoulders with the future giants, dip your toes in the lake of knowledge and test your mettle against the best. Come let's celebrate technology at Vaibhava.

Vaibhava 2012 : Techno Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :


  • Dhrishti - Paper Presentation
  • Upakramah - Project Presentation
  • Shrinkalah- Contraption
  • Tantrika- Technical Quiz
  • Anweshanah- General Quiz
  • Sanchalakah- Best Manager
  • Nidanah- Treasure Hunt
  • Prativada- Debate
  • Ranankah- Gaming
  • Sangramah- Robowar
  • Paryantah- Circuit Debugging
  • Anumanah- Cad Drawing
  • Samhita- Coding
  • Mishritah - Mad Chemistry
To know more details about Vaibhava 2012 , please visit the following link: Vaibhava 2012