About Sakshama 2012 : SAKSHAMA back in it's fifth edition, spread over two days, packed with events fun and thrilling promises to be a treat to the student fraternity. Sakshama has been an event to look forward too in it's previous editions, however this year, SAKSHAMA'12 is touted to be much more than just a promising event, one with new events such as Aqua-Missile, Mech Marathon, Boat Race and many more, designed to test even the best brains in aerodynamics, design and dynamics. This edition of Sakshama will not only be a technical symposium, but an extravaganza where the best brains will be challenged, and the rest enriched!

Sakshama 2012
: Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

  • Aqua-Missile(water rocketry)
  • Boat Race(Purely Mechanical event)
  • Sense & Simplicity(Contraptions)
  • Fast N Furious(Robot race)
  • Robo Soccer(Robot soccer)
  • Techie Wall(Poster Presentation)
  • Traffic Rush(Autonomous bot event)
  • Quizzito Errogossum(Quiz)
  • Treasure Hunt(Fun event)
To know more details about Sakshama 2012 , please visit the following link: Sakshama 2012