About Jhankaar 2012 : If you think of dance in St. Andrew’s college, there’s only one thing that comes to your mind, and that is ‘Jhankaar’ – the inter-collegiate dance festival

Jhankaar 2012 : Cult Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Cult fest

Events :

  • Classical fusion:
(Choose an icon for e.g. Amitabh Bachchan; make a fusion of selective songs from his movies and dance. OR select a movie and make a fusion of all the songs in it)
  • Retro dance:
(Retro is basically a dance form of 70’s.)
  • Street Dance:
(It includes Hip-Hop, b-buoying, Free-style, locking and popping, etc.)
  • Dance for a cause:
To know more details about Jhankaar 2012 , please visit the following link : Jhankaar 2012