I. Microprocessor 8086 & Microcontroller 8051:
(Any four from 1 – 6, and 7, 8 are compulsory)
1. Arithmetic operation – Multi byte Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division – Signed and unsigned Arithmetic operation, ASCII – arithmetic operation.
2. Logic operations – Shift and rotate – Converting packed BCD to unpacked BCD, BCD to ASCII conversion.
3. By using string operation and Instruction prefix: Move Block, Reverse string, Sorting, Inserting, Deleting, Length of the string, String comparison.
4. Reading and Writing on a parallel port.
5. Timer in different modes.
6. Serial communication implementation.
7. 8259 – Interrupt Controller: Generate an interrupt using 8259 timer.
8. 8279 – Keyboard Display: Write a small program to display a string of characters.
II. DSP Processor: (Any six of the following)
1. To study the architecture of DSP chips – TMS 320C 5X/6X Instructions.
2. To verify linear convolution.
3. To verify the circular convolution.
4. N-point FFT algorithm.
5. MATLAB program to find frequency response of analog LP/HP filters.
6. To compute power density spectrum of a sequence.
Additional Experiments:
1. To Implement IIR Low pass filter
2. To Implement IIR High pass filter.
Design Experiments:
1.To design FIR filter (LP/HP) using rectangular window technique
2. To design FIR filter (LP/HP) using triangular window technique
3. Using Kaiser window design FIR filter (LP/HP)
Equipment required for Laboratories:
1. 8086 μP Kits
2. 8051 Micro Controller kits
3. Interfaces/peripheral subsystems
i) 8259 PIC
ii) 8279-KB/Display
iii) 8255 PPI
iv) 8251 USART
4. ADC Interface
5. DAC Interface
6. Traffic Controller Interface
7. Elevator Interface