About Vertex 2012 : It all began in 2006, when Department of Mechanical Engineering in WCE Sangli, came up with an idea that students must develop good managerial, leadership and technical skills. It was then that the concept of VERTEX was established.

Since then, the ever growing support of all our sponsors as well as authorities of our college and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the most importantly, the response and feedback of participants has today made VERTEX a well known technical symposium all over Maharashtra.

The seed sowed in 2006, continued flourishing year by year. With useful experiences from the past, grand plans for the future and with our efforts in present, we bring before you VERTEX- 2k12, under the patronage of A.G. Group of Industries , Tough Casting Pvt. Ltd. and all other associates.

There are 9 events, featuring AutoSpark, CadVenture, Craftech, WorkoHolics, TechTube, MechArts, AngryBirds, Intellect, SaveWater.

Vertex 2012
: Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

  • AUTOSPARK - An Automobile Designing Workshop
  • ANGRY BIRDz - A Mechanism Preparation Competition
  • CRAFTECH - A Paper Crafting by using Grafics
  • CADVENTURE - An AutoCAd & Catia Modelling
  • MECHART - A Showpiece Making By Using
  • Mechanical Components
  • WORKOHOLICS - A Lathe Workmanship Competition
  • INTELLECT - A Quiz Competition
  • TECHNO-STUDIO- A Video Making Competiton
To know more details about Vertex 2012 , please visit the following link: Vertex 2012